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Indonesian culture emphasizes community, harmony, and the avoidance of shame. One of the ways these values are expressed is through the use of school uniforms, which help reduce the social stresses children experience. Rich students can’t flaunt their wealth with expensive brands, and poor children aren’t mocked for the style or quality of their clothing. This helps equalize the educational experience for all children, and helps underprivileged students avoid stigma and bullying. For these reasons, standard uniforms are mandatory for children attending school in Indonesia.

Children wear one of four uniforms for each day of the school week, Monday through Saturday. On Monday and Tuesday, students wear their white and blue uniforms; on Wednesday and Thursday, they wear traditional endek shirts with dress pants; on Friday and Saturday, they wear brown “scout” uniforms; and they also have standard athletic wear for PE class. 

Despite their benefits, the expense of all these uniforms can be overwhelming for parents, especially since they need to pay for a year’s worth of clothing all at once. Your donation will lift this stressful burden off their shoulders and will also enable them to begin saving for High School uniforms. 

The $25 that you give will cover one uniform. Our goal is to provide 288 uniforms for underprivileged children here. We love seeing the kids’ confidence and excitement grow when they receive their new uniforms!