Tote: Blue Coffee Beans

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Each Tote Bag is 1.25 ft long and 1.5ft wide (.4mx.5m). Each bag is handcut and then sown, so these dimensions are approximate and no one bag is the exactly the same. Each Tote Bag is made from a fabric process called "Batik". This process is unique to Indonesia, and is labor intensive, but brings about an amazingly beautiful result. For centuries, Batik has made its way around the globe showcasing its beauty and true one of a kind fabric.

Fabric: Cotton and/or Rayon blend, locally sourced from Indonesia.

Wash Recommendation: We recommend washing your tote bag in cold water and hang drying.

Unique Feature: our Tailor, Pak Dori, added this small pocket with a zipper so your tote bag will fold up smaller than your smart phone.