Novita is a girl who lives in Sarongan Banyuwangi. She has a dream to become a doctor. Even though she lacks much economically, it does not dampen Novita's enthusiasm to study and achieve her goals. Novita's father works as farmer, while her mother sometimes also helps. For Novita's parents, seeing Novita have big dreams makes them feel sad because they know they can't provide for her education in order for her reach her dreams. Novita's parents only hope that she can continue her education to junior high school and get a decent job, unlike what they are doing now.

Her dream as a doctor is because she wants to treat and help people. Novita often sees people near her house who are sick but cannot go to the doctor because of the high cost, because of that, Novita has a dream to be able to help these people one day. Novita's activities after school are helping her parents to take care of her little sister and helping with the housework that her mother has not finished.

Along with staying on top of her homework.

Novita has a big dream and desire to help others. She knows the way she can achieve that dream is through education. Let's keep her dream alive! By choosing to support Novita, you are giving her an opportunity to pursue her dream which is not just to become better educated, but to use that education in order to serve and help others.