The beginning...

It started with a need. 

We needed furniture for our new home here in Indonesia. And right down the street was a wood shop filled with young, talented carpenters working diligently.

What we thought would be a simple business transaction morphed into a deep friendship with one carpenter in particular.

Before we knew it, we were hanging out with him and his wife regularly, sharing life together and soon we were invited back to his village in Java to meet the rest of his family. His family soon became our family. 

As our friendships deepened and as we experienced more of the beautiful culture here, there were a few things we noticed. So many of the individuals and communities that we come upon were extremely talented, yet they felt like they had no purpose in their rural context, no potential to make a decent wage and actually use their talent to make a difference in their family or community and they didn’t fully grasp their worth.

It was from this friendship and the many opportunities were given to get to know these amazing communities that the idea for KNOW INDO was birthed.

We are a business that is about relationships and the expressed needs of a community and individuals. We are about coming alongside these individuals and communities and empowering them to know their purpose, potential and worth. 

We truly desire to bring you an amazing product and we are able to do that because of the relationships we have within each of these local communities. 

Here is a glimpse at the process of how KNOW INDO works. We are intentional with the time we spend within these communities and getting to know the everyday life of the individuals there. Over time we get to see their talents and get to know their expressed needs. Through a process of sharing our vision and having many conversations we begin to work with local artisans to craft a product using only their local resources: textiles, wood, etc. By working alongside the artisans we are able to empower them in their talent, pay them fair wages and build deeper relationships within the village, which then opens up great access for us. The beautiful thing about the way this business is set up is it allows us freedom. Freedom to craft and bring you different products as we get to know more talented artisans. It allows us the freedom to meet the different expressed needs of individuals and communities through the sales of the products and it gives us freedom to enter into new communities.

The possibilities are great and the impact is even greater. 

Our desire is to connect the artisan to the consumer in a more intimate way. To make it about the relationship; who crafted the item, how the sale of the item is impacting the individuals and communities and what their daily lives are like. 

We want to give life to the product, purpose to your purchase and a tangible way for you to join in and make an impact.  

We want you to KNOW INDO.