Tours: Bali

A parade for Pesta Kesenian Bali (Bali Arts Festival) XLIV, 2022.

Bali is known as one of Indonesia’s best travel destinations. This isn’t just because of the amazing, easy-to-find beaches, but also because of the rich culture.  Bali is an island of artists and you are sure to encounter a variety of styles of music, dance, painting, carving, weaving, and of course, cooking! This wealth of artistic expression is rooted in traditional values of harmony and cooperation with both people and nature.

The majority of people in Bali, about 87% of the island’s population, are Hindu, so you'll see shrines and temples all across the island. You'll also see small offerings of colorful flowers and incense, not just at shrines but also in front of local shops and on street corners. Hinduism in Bali is heavily influenced by Animism, Buddhism, and local traditions, so you’ll find it is very different than Hinduism in India. Balinese people believe strongly in the power of nature and they believe that every element is influenced by spirits. 

On a Know Indo trip, you'll also see what authentic day-to-day life is like as you connect with local people in traditional villages. And it’s not just about the culture; the natural beauty of Bali is also amazing. We’re sure you’ve heard about Bali’s beaches, but there are honestly so many other things to explore as well. There’s the Monkey Forest in Ubud, the beautiful waterfall in Tabanan, the serene beauty of the rice fields in Penglipuran Village, and much more.  If you have a specific place that you want to visit, just let us know before you arrive and we will make it happen.

Balinese locals in Ubud will give you endless warm smiles, 2022.