Our Process

We are a non-profit working in remote areas of Indonesia. Our vision is to empower local communities to know their purpose, potential and worth. We work alongside local communities to meet tangible needs through creative initiatives. We value working together with local partners to meet the families who are in the most need. Local partners range from Mayors, Village Leaders, School Principles and Teachers. Each local partner helps carry out important tasks to reach our goals of providing children with an opportunity to continue their education. Without them, we would not be able to get connected to the families who need Educational Scholarships for their children. The teachers and school principles help us gather data like: which children have dropped out of school or which families need financial assistance the most. The village leaders then give us more information about the family and confirm all information is accurate. 

We go through this process so the donation that you give is given to the right person and to the families who need it the most. Each child who receives an educational sponsorship will also be visited personally by a Know Indo staff member. 

That is what we are committed to at Know Indo, building personal relationship within our community and making sure you as a donor have trust in us and our process. 

Every single dollar you give goes directly to providing education for children in Indonesia. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR. We have even committed to pay back credit card fees. If you donate $100 using your credit card, Know Indo will receive $97, but we will still send $100 to fund educational needs for kids in Indonesia. We have a unique group of donors who have committed to fund all of our operational costs to ensure your FULL AMOUNT goes to the field. 

When you partner with Know Indo you are giving a renewed hope and future to a child. When you give a child an opportunity to further their education, you are giving them Purpose. Education is vital not only for the future of their own life, but Indonesia as a country. 

It is only by working together that we can make a real impact for these children and their families.