Our Journey


In 2015 the founder of Know Indo and his wife moved to Indonesia from California, to begin working alongside local communities. After studying language and culture for two years, they launched Know Indo.

from 2018 to 2019

In June 2018 Know Indo was birthed out of close relationship with the local communities, seeing the needs of the people here and recognizing their gifting. In the beginning Know Indo worked closely with local artisans and exported the items they hand-crafted, selling them at Marketplaces and Bazaars in Southern California. We collaborated with artisans all across Indonesia to bring a taste of the local culture to customers in the states.

Due the pandemic our focus changed drastically.
It was brought to the attention of our Founder, that there was great need for families in the community. Beyond their basic necessities, like food and toiletries, many families no longer can afford to pay school fees for their children, forcing them to drop out or go into debt. We still work diligently to empower local communities to know their purpose, potential and worth, but now we do it through the means of providing Educational Sponsorships.
Our focus shifted. But our vision didn’t.
We transitioned from being a for-profit business to completely becoming a non-profit entity in 2020. We exist to serve the local communities, in whatever way we can, by any means we can.
In 2021 our focus is to continue to provide educational sponsorships to children in Indonesia. We are able to provide these sponsorships through the generous giving of our donors.