Artisan Highlight

1. Meet Ibu Komang, our seamstress from Gianyar, Bali. 
She was born and raised in Bali Indonesia. She is one of the most talented seamstress in Bali. Ibu Komang is dedicated Hindu and she spends most of her time making religious ceremonial clothing for her local village.
A dream she has for her community is to empower stay at home moms to learn the skill of sewing so they can work from home and help financially support their families. Ibu Komang lives with her husband and two sons an there is never day where she isn’t smiling.
2. Pak Dori is our one and only tailor we have.
Pak Dori sewed and designed your Know Indo product! He is one of our artisans who lives in Banyuwangi, East Java. Pak Dori is a dedicated Muslim and lives with his wife and two daughters in a local village that is known for its rich culture. All of the products he makes come from local fabric. The process to make this fabric is tedious and it reflects the culture of Indonesia so well; beautiful, detailed, and vibrant.
3. Mbak Nawira, our talented macrame artisans.
Meet Mbak Nawira. Since she was a young girl she loved to sew. After she finished high school she continued her education and studied textiles. She learned in depth about local techniques and the different local textiles, how to make batik, weave fabric and craft macrame. She desires to be the best she can in her craft, by continually learning new techniques, designing her products with precision and detail, and using her artistic mind to create new and unique pieces.
She is a young entrepreneur who is focused on developing her own small local business of macrame and textiles. She loves the work she does and desires to share the skills she has developed and mastered with others, in hopes that it would empower them to grow in their craft and maybe one day start their own business as well!
4. Our candle are produced by Riau Candle Company, a non-profit organization.
Know Indo has collaborated with Riau Candle Company to bring you the best soy wax candles. The Riau Candle Company is fair trade and exists to empower local families in building better futures. They are a small business project of, a non-profit organization focusing on community development strategies in Southeast Asia. 100% of the proceeds of each candle purchased goes directly to charity.
Thank you so much for journeying with us. Because of your purchase, all of our artisans was paid a fair-wage and we were able to share our vision in hopes to empower them to know their purpose, potential, and worth.