Necklace: Sunset - KNOW INDO
Necklace: Sunset - KNOW INDO

Necklace: Sunset

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The Sunset Necklace, or in indonesian “Matahari Terbenam”,  was inspired by one of the most beautiful sunsets in East Java we have ever seen. It is quite an experience standing at the edge of the water watching the sunset pour over the sky its vibrant oranges and yellows. Our hope is that this necklace captures a little bit of that warmth, so you can experience a little more of Indonesia.

The Beads: A combination of 15 beads, 4 unique colors and 3 different sizes. The paint we use is the highest quality water based paint that will ensure a long lasting color and quality. The 3 largest beads are 2cm, the middle 6 beads are 1.5cm and finally the smallest 6 beads are 1.2cm. Each hand drilled, sanded, painted and assembled.

The Cord: We use a local soft leather cord.

Many artisans are involved in this necklace from the cutting down of the tree, to drilling the beads all the way to completion! Make sure you check out the artisans page to hear more about the creators behind your beautiful necklace.