Meet Sinta Dwi

Sinta Dwi lives in Sidorejo, Banyuwangi. Sinta has a dream to become a teacher. Her favorite subject in school is science. Her father works as a farmer and her mother is a housewife. They don't have their own land, so they take care of someone's else land and must share any profits they make. This makes it extremely difficult for them to provide for their daily needs. The cost of Sinta's education is a heavy burden for their family and it seems like an unrealistic dream for her to continue her education. Sinta desires to continue in school and pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. She told us, she prays she can continue her education! She is a diligent student and works so hard. 

The target we set for Sinta will cover her entire Middle School Education, a total of 3 years! When you give towards Sinta's education you are making the impossible, possible again for her family! You are empowering her to pursue her dreams and giving her a chance to know more about her purpose, potential and worth!