Meet Nikola

Meet Nikola, he lives in Kandangan, Banyuwangi. He lives with his mother and stepfather. Nikola usually goes by Keke. His mother and stepfather make brown sugar and sell it for income. Keke also helps his parents in making the brown sugar. The process is very long and includes a lot of steps. Keke's responsibility is to find firewood every evening that they use to build the fire to cook the brown sugar. He also has responsibilities at his house that he takes care of every day after school. For Keke, everyday is busy with working and helping care for his home. Any extra time he has he chooses to study instead of playing with friends. When we talked with Keke and asked him what his dream was, he said he didn't have one yet. He just hopes that he can finish his education so he can find a better job than what his parents has now. He wants a better future for himself. He wants the freedom to dream.  

That is what you give to Keke when you give a donation. A chance to dream. Right now, he doesn't have that chance. But when you help us cover all the costs of his Middle School Education, you help him pursue a better future and dream of what he could become!