Meet Yestin

Yestin is a girl who dreams of becoming a designer. Although she lives in a village, Sarongan, which is far from the city, it does not stop her dream to become a designer. Her hobby of drawing makes her more and more skilled and she also likes subjects related to art, especially painting. But Yestin does not have the proper supplies to continue practicing her love of art and design.

Yestin, does not like burdening her family by asking for supplies, because she knows they don't have the money for that. Yestin's father's name is Budi. He does not have a steady job so their family income is always uncertain. Her mother does not work at this time. This often makes Mr. Budi sad, when his daughter has dreams that he should be able to support, but their economic situation is a barrier to Yestin's dream. The hope of her parents is that their child can continue her education and succeed in achieving the goals she wants.

Help Yestin's parents by lightening their burden, and help Yestin to reach her dream. Supporting Yestin through her junior high years allows us to lift the burden from her family, which allows them to focus on providing for their basic needs and also gives Yestin a chance to pursue her dream of becoming a designer. But more than that, it keeps her in school during some of the most formative years of her young life!