Meet Wika

Hi my name is Wika. I live with my family in Tabanan, Bali. My mother works as a tailor at home and my father works as a builder. They only work if someone requests their services, so our income is not stable. At times, it is very difficult to meet our daily needs.The costs of my education is a burden for my parents. I hope to continue my education to Middle School  because I want to achieve my dreams. I've always dreamed of becoming a policeman. I really want to be a cop, when I see them catch criminals and keep neighborhoods safe, I think that is really amazing. But I think that this dream will only be a dream, especially when I see my family's economic condition. If you want to be a police officer, you have to attend a special academy. I’m not sure that if I can’t even finish Middle School, that I will make it to the police academy one day.


Give generously to Wika and come alongside his family to help lift the financial burden of school fees and give Wika a reason to believe in his dream again!