Meet Ketut

Hi my name is Ketut, I am 12 years old. I live in Tanggun, Bali with my family. My mother left when I was 3 years old. For 2 years it was just my brother, father and I. Until my dad remarried. My step-mom is really good to me she takes care of me like her own son. We have been relying on my step-mom’s income for a long time to provide for our family. My father tried to open a repair shop at home but it didn’t work out. Not many people come to my father’s shop for repairs. At the beginning of Corona, my step-mom was laid off from her job because the company went bankrupt. Our monthly income is very small. Because of that my brother was unable to continue his education and he decided to stop going to school. Now my brother works but because he already has a family of his own, we can't expect much help from him. This year I will graduate from elementary school but my father cannot pay for my education any further. I really hope that I can continue my education to middle school. I don't want to just stop here. I want to achieve my goals. I have a dream to become a soldier for the Indonesian military. My goal is to study hard and try to get good grades in every subject.


Help Ketut finish his education. When you give to Ketut, you are allowing him to pursue his dream and you are keeping him from dropping out. He desires a stable future. You can make that possible!