Meet Vamela

Hi I am Vamela, I am 13 years old and have 4 siblings. I live in Kandangan village, Java. I live with my parents and my younger siblings. My father had a stroke so he is unable to work. So we all rely on my mom for income. My mother manages a small food stall in front of our home. Her salary is not very high, especially since there are other stalls close by, now there is more competition. We prioritize the proceeds from the sale of the food for our daily living expenses and also the medical expenses for my father. My father's medical expenses were quite expensive and almost consumed all of the savings we had, which resulted in us often experiencing shortages, both in daily needs and expenses for me and my younger siblings. I have a dream of becoming a flight attendant. I want to see the world and meet other people from different countries. But I also realize that because of our financial situation, that may not be a possibility. Right now, I just want to focus on being able to finish Middle School.


Vamela loves to learn and works hard at studying. Her mother works even harder to provide for their family and care for her husband. When you come alongside Vamela and her family and help cover the costs of her education, you are lifting a huge burden from her mother. Support Vamela and her family today!