Meet Titri

I am Titri, I live in Tabanan, Bali. I love math and I enjoy my time studying. Every time I come home after school I make sure to finish my homework. After that I help my mother at her shop. My mother has a small shop that sells snacks. I have a dream to become a police officer, that's why I study hard and exercise often so that I can grow strong. My father works as a parking attendant. Sometimes my mother does not get any sales from her shop, so we lose money. Because my family's income is not fixed, it often makes it difficult for us to pay rent and met our daily needs. This year I will graduate from elementary school but I don't know if I can continue my education to middle school or not. My parents' burden is already heavy, I don't want to make them worry about school fees too. If I'm honest I really hope to go to school, I want to continue my education like my other friends and learn all that I need so I can have a better future.


Help us meet our goal of paying for all of Titri’s middle school education. When you join with us, you are making the impossible, possible for this family and giving them an opportunity to learn more about their purpose, potential and worth.