Meet Syahrul

Hi, I'm Syahrul, I'm 13 years old. I live in the village of Banyuwangi, Java. I live with my grandparents, while my father, mother and sister live on a different island. I chose to live with my grandparents here because I like being in Java. Besides that, I also want to take care of them because they are old. But in all reality, they are taking care of me. At an old age, my grandfather still works to provide for all our expenses. My Grandfather works on a coconut plantation near our house, he also takes care of 3 goats belonging to local residents. When I come home from school, I usually help my grandfather find the grass we use to feed the goats. Meanwhile Grandma takes care of the house and prepares food for us. In the past at night our house would get very dark because there was no electricity, but one month ago our house got electricity! This makes it much easier for me to study at night. I have a dream of becoming a police officer. I exercise often, so I will be strong enough when I graduate High School, to take the physical exam to become an officer. I recently got news from my school that I haven't paid the initial school fees and now there is a possibility I won’t be able to start my classes for Middle School. I shared this with my grandparents, but they are having a hard time finding the money to pay my school. I know they work hard to take care of me and these fees are a burden for them.


When you give to Syahrul you are giving him a chance to reach his dream. You are allowing his grandparents to no longer worry about his school fees and giving them all a chance to know more about their purpose, potential and worth.