Meet Sherli

Hi my name is Sherli, I am 12 years old. I live in Tanggun Titi, Bali with my family. My father works as a carver and my mother is a housewife. I have a dream of becoming a police officer, because they always look great whenever I see them in neat uniforms and they are brave enough to catch criminals. At school I like learning about Hinduism, of course, because that is what I believe, so it is very fun to learn about it. I enjoy reading and I enjoy reading different types of books so I have a broad knowledge of things. But since our family is not well-off, I don't have too many books to read. I often borrow books from the school library to read. My father's job is not a steady job. He only makes wood carvings if someone orders it, otherwise our family has no income. Lately, his orders have been small. At times, this makes it difficult to meet the basic needs of our family. The cost of my education is a burden for my family, often my father has to borrow money to pay for my fees. I’m worried that my father will have to borrow again. I really do hope I can continue in school. I want to continue to learn and pursue what I dream of so that when I grow up I can provide a comfortable life for my parents.


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