Meet Rizki

Hi my name is Rizki, I live in Sidorejo, Java with my father and grandmother. I have a dream of becoming a soccer player. My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. My father works as a farmer. I help my father with farming everyday and when I can, I love to fish. The land that we farm does not belong to our family, so when harvest time comes we share 40% of the profit with the land owner. This is typical for where we live. At harvest time my father will share the profit with the land owner and also set aside some to start planting again for the next season. Sometimes we plant rice or corn depending on the season in Indonesia. Our low income from harvest is a burden in our family. During the new school year, my father always finds it difficult because he must pay a large amount of money for me to attend school. When I need new books, pens or other supplies for school, I’m always afraid to ask. But what scares me more is not being able to learn. Middle school fees are much higher than elementary school. I don't want to worry my father with my tuition fees but I also don't want to stop going to school. I hope that God answers my prayers and helps me to be able to continue my education through middle school. Because for me, education is the main thing needed for a better future.


You can make it possible for Rizki to continue his education. To keep pursing his dreams and hobbies. To be able to help his father during the harvest, knowing the income they work hard to earn will be used only to provide for their families basic needs, because YOU already provided for his education. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help Rizki and his family. The donation you give to Rizki is an answer to prayers.