Meet Lia

This is Lia. She is one of the children we met in Sidorejo, Banyuwangi. Lia lives with her grandparents. Her father works construction, but it is not a stable income. Her mother left when she was 5. Although her circumstances are difficult, Lia has much enthusiasm for learning.

She enjoys learning about science, especially living things and their development. Every day she spends time studying in her room. She helps around the house as much as she can. At a young age she has been given a lot of responsibility and been burdened with things many children her age never have to encounter. Her father worries for her future. He worries that he won't be able to provide for her education.  Help us reach our target for Lia. We have a goal to cover all costs for her entire Middle School Education, a total of 3 years! Only with YOUR help can we provide her family with this amazing gift!