Meet Leka

This is Leka Fitri Andriani, a 12 year old girl who dreams of becoming a teacher. Leka lives in Sarongan with her parents. She was inspired to become a teacher because she is always impressed with her teachers and how they are able to teach so many children and do it well. Leka loves to read. She likes to spend her time reading stories or learning from the textbooks she has. Her favorite subject is Indonesian language. The reason she likes studying language is because she knows how important it is to communicate well. If she wants to be able to communicate well with many people, she must be able to master the language. Leka's father works as a mason, looking for river stones and selling them to suppliers. But her father does not work every day. He only works when someone asks for his services. This unstable income causes their family's economy to be difficult. It is extremely difficult for them to meet their daily needs, let alone pay for cost of education. Even though their financial situation is deteriorating everyday, her parents know how important Leka's education is. There have been times recently, when their family lacked food because they chose to pay school fees or buy books for their children's school needs.

We are always inspired by the great lengths family's will go in order to provide for their children. But there is no reason they should go without food or education again. Help us support Leka all through her junior high years. This will allow her family to focus on their basic needs and gives Leka a chance to keep dreaming.