Meet Kurniawan

Hi my name is Mohamad Kurniawan, but you can call me Kurniawan. I live in Sidorejo, Java. I live with my three brothers, my parents and my grandfather. My father doesn’t have a steady job, although he always tries to work hard. Our family struggles at times to provide for our daily needs. This had made it difficult for me to finish school. In order to provide for us, my father works as a construction worker, but he only has work if someone asks him to help on a site. Right now, he looks after the neighbor's farm animals and I also help my father to find grass for fodder or clean the barn.

This is extra work me and my brothers have, in order to ease the burden from my parents and increase income for my family. I always pray that I can finish my education at least until high school and get a steady job so that we have an income for each month.

This year I am supposed to start middle school but my parents worry about school fees.

You can help Kurniawan! When you chose to support Kurniawan, you are coming alongside his family and lifting the heavy financial burden of school fees. You are always answering his prayers and allowing him to continue his education!