Meet Justin

Hi, my name is Justin. I am 12 years old and I have a dream of becoming a soccer player. My favorite soccer player is Christiano Ronaldo. He is a great player who made me immediately admire and love soccer. I live in Selemadeg, Bali with my family. My father and mother do not have permanent jobs. They only work if there are projects that need their services. If both my parents work I will stay home and take care of my 6 year old sister. I will help her study and also play with her. Twice a week I play soccer with my friends in the field in our village. At school I like math, because it's not boring and keeps me focused. Even though I aspire to be a soccer player, I am still diligent in studying, because I think studying is important for my future. I want to achieve my dream and become a soccer player like Christiano Ronaldo, but I don't know if I can achieve it or not. More important though, I want to finish my education. Looking at the costs of Middle School I worry our family won’t have enough. I know continuing my education is the only way to achieve my dreams and have a better future.


Often times, these students carry burdens they shouldn’t have to. They worry about finances instead of focusing on things 12 years should focus on; studying, hanging with friends and enjoying their childhood. When you come alongside these families, you are giving them hope and lifting a huge burden. And even more than that, you are giving them a chance to know about their purpose, potential and worth.