Meet Filga

Hi I am Filga. I live in Banyuwangi, Java with my family. My dream is to become a teacher. My father works at the sugar cane plantation here, while my mother is a housewife. My father's job is not a permanent job. He only works when the owner of the plantation needs extra workers. At times my father will work construction, but currently there are not many building projects in our village. He always works hard and tries his best to provide and meet all the needs for our family. This new school year was hard for my family, because my father had to find a loan to pay for my education. It worries me, to see them have to take a loan to pay for my school. I have a dream of becoming a teacher, but seeing how much my family struggles financially, I have doubts that I will achieve that dream. I study hard, especially English, because I know that knowing English will really help my future.


Help Filga reach her dreams of becoming a teacher and even more than that, being able to finish her Middle School Education well and debt free! You can make that a possibility for her and her family!