Meet Desi

Hi I’m Desi. I have a dream to become a math teacher. I live in Selemadeg, Bali with my family. My father works as a harvester for coconut leaves, which my mother uses to make Hindu religious offering boxes. Then my mother sells them at the marketplace. Our family does this every day. My sister and I will also help my mother every day to make the offering boxes. So my family's income only depends on how much sales my mother gets after selling it to the market. Every day my father can climb more than 15 coconut trees to look for coconut leaves that are still young and yellow. Meanwhile, my mother will go to the market around 4 am to sell and come back around 11 am. In the afternoon after my father comes home from collecting coconut leaves, my sister and I start making them into prayer boxes. The sales are not always good, so at times it can be difficult for my parents to provide for our daily needs. I'm about to graduate from elementary school but my family doesn't have the money to continue my education to middle school. I really want to continue my education. I want to be able to achieve my dream and become a teacher, so I can help provide for my family and have a stable future.


School fees should not be the reason Desi can’t continue her education. She has big dreams and works hard everyday to study and help her family. When you give to Desi you are taking away the biggest obstacle keeping her from pursing her dreams!