Meet Cinta

Hi, my name is Cinta, I am 13 years old and I live with my parents in Selemaged, Bali. I have aspirations to become a teacher. My favorite subject in school is math. I like math because I think everything I do has to do with math. I study hard, so that one day I can become a math teacher. My father works as a delivery driver at construction sites. Sometimes he works from morning to night. My mother is a housewife, usually she is the one who helps me study. My father's work has been a little slower because of Covid-19, although now it is not as bad as when the pandemic first started. Development in Bali is still quiet, so at times my fathers income is low because he doesn’t get as many jobs. My father works hard and even tries to find other jobs to meet our families needs. We always can eat, because he works so hard. But I still worry about my education. Even though my father always tells me not to worry and stay focused on my studying, I can’t stop worrying. There is no middle school in my village so I have to go to the city to attend Middle School and education in the city is much more expensive than here in my village. I hope that I can continue my education and still pursue my dream of becoming a math teacher.


Cinta works hard studying and her father works even harder to provide for their future. Many families are still being impacted by the economic decline caused by the pandemic. Give generously to Cinta and help her continue her education, so she can achieve her dreams!