Meet Bili

Hi my name is Bili, I live in Gubug, Bali, with my father and sister. My mother passed away a few years ago. My father works as a knife maker to support our family. I have dreams of being a police officer. The job of being a police officer is really cool in my opinion, because they catch criminals and give justice to society. But I'm not too sure that I will be able to achieve my dream. My father can make about 15 knives every day and on Wednesdays and Sundays we  bring them to the City to sell. For 55 small knives my father usually gets around 100 thousand rupiah (around $7). So in 1 week my father's income is around 200 thousand rupiah (around $14).

I am so grateful that my father provides for our family, even after my mother died. His income alone, isn’t enough, and it was hard for him to send me and my sister to school this year. The cost of education is not cheap, not to mention I also need other necessities such as books, bags, and uniforms to be able to follow each lesson well. I really want to continue my education to Middle School but I'm afraid to put a burden on my father. That's why I often help my father when he makes knives so that he has more to sell when he goes to the city.

You can help Bili continue his education through Middle School. When you support Bili and his family you are giving him a chance to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer and you are allowing all the wages his father makes go to providing the daily needs of his family. You lift a huge burden from his family by giving him the gift of education!