Meet Bela

Hello, my name is Bela, I live in Sidorejo, Java. I love playing volleyball and dream of becoming an athlete. I live with my grandmother and my father. My mother left when I was 5 years old. At first it made me sad because before I lived with my mother and grandmother, while my father worked as a construction worker on a different island. After my mother left, I just lived with my grandmother, until finally my father came back to Sidorejo because he knew I felt alone. But because my father came back to Java, he has had a hard time finding a permanent job. We live in a village far from the city and there aren’t many development projects for my father to work at. My father is a hard worker and so is my grandmother. She helps at times to earn income by farming. Paying for my education is often a struggle. It’s not just the school fees that are a burden, it’s all the supplies and uniform as well. Although my father has found a way to pay for my elementary school education, moving up to Middle School seems impossible. The fees increase and so do the supplies. I still want to study hard. I don’t want to give up. I want to be able to finish my education and get a job that helps provide a better future for my family.

You have the opportunity to come alongside this family and support them. You have the chance to assure Bela that she will be able to finish her Middle School education and work towards her dream of getting a job that will help provide for her family and her future!