Meet Anggi

Hi my name is Anggi. I live with my parents, grandparents and my sister in Kandangan village, Java. I have a dream of becoming a Chef like Chef Juna. He is my role model and I want to be like him when I become older. My father works as a construction worker, but not every day. He only works a couple times a week in construction and then also works helping make brown sugar. Every day in the morning he will climb at least 15 coconut trees that have a height of more than 10m. This is a dangerous job, because many people have fallen from trees and died. But since he has no other work to do, my father couldn't help but have to do it, to provide for our family. Although he works so hard, we still have a great financial need. The school has told me to pay the initial payment by the end of this semester, otherwise I will be expelled from school. For my family, my school fees are a difficulty for us to pay, because it costs 2 million rupiah (around $150). This is a large fee for us. I don't want to burden my parents, but I also hope that at least I can finish my education up to high school. I always pray and hope my family will find a way for me to finish my education.


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