Meet Andin

Hi my name is Andin. I have a dream to become a doctor. My house is in Munduk Dawa, Bali. My mother passed away when I was 8 years old and I live with my grandmother, because my father works far from our home. Growing up without a mother made me feel sad, especially when I heard my friends talk about their mothers or whenever I see them go out with their families. My father works as a construction worker, although it is not stable. Because I live apart from my father, at times it makes me feel like we are growing apart, we keep in touch over the phone and on the weekends I see him more. My grandmother takes good care of me and my Aunt's family also loves me so well. My father also loves me, he always tries to work hard for my needs. His salary is small and I know my education is a difficult burden for him, sometimes my grandmother helps pay for my school fees. I am about to graduate elementary school and am getting ready to start Middle School. I worry that those fees will be too much for my family. The economy in Bali is still unstable due to Covid-19. Because of that, my father wasn’t hired onto many construction projects. Many of them were stopped because of the pandemic. I also can't keep seeking help from my grandmother. She is often sick and has to think about saving for herself and her medical needs. I really want to be able to continue my education, I want to have a better future and pursue my dream of becoming a doctor so I’ll have a stable income every month. It's the only dream I want to come true in my life.


Andin knows that if she finishes her education, the chance for her to have a stable future is a huge possibility. Coming alongside her family means making her dreams a reality. Giving her the only thing she desires, to finish her education!