Meet Andika

This is Andika. He is 13 years old and lives in Kandangan, Banyuwangi. He loves to play soccer and dreams of becoming a soldier for the Indonesian Military. Everyday he helps his mother take care of their house. He has a newborn brother that takes much of his mothers time, so it is his responsibility to wash the clothes, clean the house and much more. His mom is unable to help her husband at work, so Andika also helps his father work, to gain extra income. His day is full and most days he doesn't have much time to interact with his friends or play sports. He believes that any extra time he has he should use to study. Despite the difficulties his family faces, he still continues to work hard at school. He has a dream and he wants to work hard to achieve it. His parents hope that their children can get a proper education and build a better future for their family.

The target we set for Andika, covers all 3 years of his Middle School Education. When you help us reach our target, you are not only giving a donation, you are giving Andika a chance at a better future and a chance to know more about his purpose, potential and worth.