A Father’s Experience

As a father you do everything you can to provide the best for your children. No matter your current or past circumstances. Kurniawan’s father never finished his education, he was able to study through elementary school but did not have the resources to continue. This made it difficult for him to find a job later in life. Although he is very skilled in construction, finding a construction job that is consistent can be hard. When he isn’t working construction he will look after his neighbor’s livestock to help supplement his income. He is a hard worker and he will do anything to make sure his family has their basic needs, but often times anything outside of basic necessities is hard to provide for.


It is through his personal experience that Kurniawan’s father has come to realize the importance of having an education. Now he wants to make sure his children finish their education. He knows this is the way they will be able to find a reliable job and create a stable future for themselves and their family. Kurniawan’s father not only has to provide for his wife and children, but also his parents, who live with them. He has many people he is responsible providing for. This is a heavy burden for him to carry. He does it with strength, everyday, and shows up and works hard. 



He was so grateful for the educational sponsorship that Kurniawan received. He knows how important it is for his son to continue his education and he is so happy his son has a chance to keep studying. For them it is a priceless gift. It is families like Kurniawan’s that you can encourage and help. When you give you are making a real difference in their lives, a difference for today and for their future.


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