What is a meaningful childhood moment for you?

What is a meaningful childhood moment for you? Perhaps most of you had a happy childhood. Many moments of someone’s childhood should be filled with love, learning and playing. Interacting with the world around them in a safe environment. 
But more frequently than not children face difficult circumstances all throughout their childhood. Much like the children we meet. Often times their lives are filled with worries and not hope. Although they have happy moments, they usually worry about their future. Particularly if they will be able to finish their education. They have dreams and goals they desire to achieve. They know that finishing their education will be the way they create a better future. But they usually feel like their dreams, will just be exactly that- a dream. This is something they will remember from their childhood. 
We believe in these children and their dreams. We believe they are worth investing in and that their lives matter. We know that their childhood and the memories connected with it are precious and formative. That’s why we work so hard, building relationship with them and making sure they get the chance to finish their education, worry-free. That they get an opportunity to enjoy their childhood, not carrying burdens they were never meant to carry. 
But we can’t accomplish this without you!  When you partner with us you are not just creating a better childhood for them, you are creating a better future as well. You are giving them an opportunity to pursue their dreams and more than that, giving them a chance to know more about their purpose, potential and worth. Your generosity makes all the difference.