They go back to school because of YOU!

August Report 2021

Every month we can help more children return to school because of you! As of this month, we have already helped 81 children. Each of these children get the opportunity to study again and learn more about their purpose, potential, and worth. Thank you for partnering with us and helping these children get another opportunity to study again. Many children and their parents are so grateful for your generosity. These parents are able to see their children study again and pursue their passion. In this difficult time, you have lifted the burden and given them a new hope for their children's future. This is their "Thank You" to all of you! Thank you for being willing to walk with us and give hope to every child and every family. Their dreams and future are just as important as the future we hope for. Because children are the future of the world. 

We want you to know that every month your impact grows. You took the opportunity to change their life and we are so grateful. Thank you for trusting Know Indo and walking together with us in providing a better future for children here in Indonesia.