The Desa: Our community of monthly donors

Every child has their own life story. Many of them have happy lives but there are some of them who have already been faced with difficult circumstances at a young age. Some of them even have needed to step into a role to help provide for their family. One of those children is Dian.

“It’s the first time I feel like I am a real student. I am so happy about that, I can learn more and spend time with my friends. Thank you to all people who supported my education."

She needs to earn extra income to pay for her education. She must split her time between work and studying. She has no time to go out with her friends or take extra classes or any extra curricular activities. She has a dream to own her own restaurant and be the head chef, because cooking is her passion.

Through the generosity of our amazing donors we were able to help Dian focus solely on her education. Now she has more time to study, she can join in on extra classes at her school and attend group study with her friends. She no longer has to split her time between work and studying.

When you join us as the member of The Desa you can help children like Dian to focus on their education and reach their dream.

Their future can be different because of YOU! You can give them an opportunity for a better future and an opportunity to learn more about their purpose, potential and worth.