Moms Packet Distribution (Mother's Day)

Location : Ketewel Village, Gianyar - Bali
Target : Moms with their current needs and have access to simple daily resources needed to cares for the little one.
Date Project : May, 2020
Photos documentary
Because of those specific purchases, we were able to deliver Mom Packets to some local mamas this past month.
We had a blast getting to know them and their precious little ones. We were able to supply moms with cloth diapers & wipes!
Being a mom, is no easy task and we loved getting to see how these moms love and care for their littles, and give them some encouragement in this journey. Even of these moms are facing a difficult conditions, lack of resources, and little to know regular income, they've able to joy and work hard to provide all the came for the little ones.
Thank YOU for helping us encourage moms in this way!