Dian's Story

Dian has a dream to be a professional chef and have her own restaurant one day. She works everyday as a Balinese herb maker. She told us she needs the extra income because she studies culinary arts and every week she needs to buy ingredients for her cooking projects. She studies hard and works hard everyday because she wants to reach her dream and change her family's future. One day she wants to provide a better life for them. Because of the pandemic her father has struggled to find a job. Before he worked as a construction worker and was paid about $10 a day. Her mother is a housewife, but sometimes she works as a butcher for extra income. Despite her family's economic situation, her parents always do their best to provide for their daughter. It was a relief for her parents that we were able to come alongside them and provide Dian with an Educational Sponsorship. They were so grateful for that burden to be lifted!