Diah's Story

Meet Ni Kadek Diah Pratiwi. Through your generosity, we were able to help keep Diah in school. She studies at SMP Sukawati, which is the local junior high school here. Diah and her family are among the families affected by the economic collapse caused by Covid-19. Her father works as a sculptor, making statues from stones. He typically would sell 4 to 5 statues a month, but now he has lost all of his customers and orders due to the pandemic.

Diah said she feels so sad watching her parents try to sell the statues they still have at their shop, but having no one buy them. Because of the financial state her family is in, she worried about asking her parents for things like, books, pens, data for internet, and for them to pay for her school fees. She saw how hard they worked to provide for the family's basic needs and how difficult it was. Now, because of your generosity, she is able to return to school and she now has all she needs to succeed in her classes again.