Ayu Setiawati's Story

Meet Ayu Setiawati. Ayu is an 11th grader at SMK N 2 Sukawati. She majored in fashion. Ayu's father and mother do not have permanent jobs, which makes her think of working and helping to earn their family income. Ayu works in a kebaya (traditional Balinese clothes) production house in the Batubulan area, where she is in charge of sewing and making clothes. She is paid according to how many clothes that she can finish in one day. For one clothes, Ayu gets paid 14,000 rupiahs or around $1. She can finish 2-3 clothes in one day. Ayu enjoys doing her job.


"It doesn't hard to work while going to school because I learn a lot of new lessons from the workplace. Maybe sometimes I feel tried and hard to meet my friends when we have group tasks" that what she said when we visited her house. We feel so proud to know her.