Asta’s Story

Meet Luh Putu Budiani, Asta’s mother. We met her family through the Fall Campaign and now we get another opportunity to serve her family by providing Asta and his little brother Mang Adi with Educational Scholarships! She works at a local market selling Balinese instrument pieces. Her income is approximately $3-$7 a day. Since the pandemic she has not received any new orders because many families in Bali are being effected by the economic decline.

Due this hard situation, Asta’s mother has a large amount of debt with the school because she has been unable to pay school fees for last semester and this current semester. We had the opportunity to visit the local school and pay for her family’s school fees. Now her children are ready to start their study's again. They can finish this school year with no worries and their family is relieved of this heavy burden.