Amara's Story

During one of our home visits, the Know Indo staff met a girl who works to provide for her sick mother.

Meet Amara, an amazing young lady!

Amara works everyday from 1 am to 6 am as a laborer transporting goods at the traditional market. She commutes an hour each way to get to work. Her father passed away and shortly after her mother became ill. In order to provide for her family’s needs and her mother’s medicine, she began working. During school, she feels so tired and exhausted due to the long hours she works.

Sometimes I get tired and want to live like other children but that is no longer possible because my mother is sick,” she said.

She was unable to pay her tuition fees for a year and was about to get expelled from school, but thanks to your help we were able to cover her tuition fees and she can continue her studies. Although she still works her job, she is very grateful that this part of the financial burden she carries has been lifted.